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A Tribute to Sheldon Brown

July 14th, 1944 to February 4th, 2008

Wikipedia: Sheldon Brown was an American bicycle mechanic, technical expert and author. He contributed to print and online sources related to bicycling and bicycle mechanics, in particular the web site Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Technical Info.

Sheldon Brown, of Harris Cyclery in Massachusetts (U.S.A.), was a bicycle mechanic, technical expert, and author. One of his passions was the Raleigh Twenty of which he had several, most (all?) of which were modified and customized, some more than others. Much of our website’s information, technical data, discussions, and suggestions on modifications came from him.

There is way too much information about Sheldon Brown and his Twentys to cite here, however, if you enter “Sheldon Brown Raleigh Twenty” in your web browser, it will come up with his different webpages about our favorite small wheeled mode of transportation.

Since his loss, in 2008, to a massive myocardial infarction (heart attack), his loss has been felt throughout the bicycling world. Much of his work and information has been maintained and supplemented by his friend and co-worker, John Allen.

Sheldon Brown’s bicycle technical info webpage:

His Raleigh Twenty webpage:

Sheldon Brown’s personal webpage:

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