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 April 2017 Cover Photo

'75 StowAway (in USA)

                                                    Jonathan Bush

This is my first Raleigh Twenty variant - a 1975 StowAway which was purchased at the Northwood Cycle Depot in Middlesex UK - and somehow found its way to the USA. My theory is that it was purchased by a US Air Force officer as we had a lot of those guys stationed not too far from this shop in the 1970s. I recently communicated with Northwood Cycle Depot about this bike and bell - they were clearly fascinated to know that one of their bells was in USA - and also fascinated by the very good condition. I've cleaned the bike up a bit - and done my best to conserve it as original as possible.

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The original Raleigh Twenty was in production in various forms and under various names from 1968 until 1984 and has gained a cult following from cyclists worldwide. This popularity can be largely attributed to the late Sheldon Brown, a legendary bicycle guru, who owned several Raleigh Twentys throughout his lifetime. 

At one stage, the Twenty was Raleigh's biggest seller.  Raleigh's survival through the cycling slump of the 70's can be largely attributed to the Twenty and it's variant models.  It was sold also under many of Raleigh's captive brand names such as Triumph, Sun, Hercules and BSA.  It was also sold as the"Supercycle Twenty" in Canada.  It was also built to a unique design by Morrison Industries in New Zealand.                                  

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Twenty-Twenty Vision by RichardM