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R20 Stowaway Restoration
dangabrown ~ somewhere in Hampshire

This is my first R20 restoration.  I picked it up on ebay for £15 in a unused but rusty condition.  This one is a R20 Stowaway, unsure of the age but I think '70s.  The reason for buying was a competition with 2 friends to race 20 miles on a bike costing £20 or less.  I set to work stripping the bike and cleaning and removing as much rust as possible which was mostly successful using simple wire wool, wet sanding and metal polish.  The first version still included all original parts, albeit significantly more shiny!  I didn't spend any more due to the challenge set to not spend more than £20 on it.  During this 20 mile ride, I absolutely fell in love with the R20 and decided it needed a few minor tweaks.  Firstly, since the saddle had absolutely disintegrated on the ride, a cheap ebay replacement was bought.  I then replaced the whitewalls with new versions of the same, as these were extremely cracked and brittle.  Since I wanted to ride this in a relatively normal position to my other bikes, I also bought a new (lighter) longer seat post.  Last but not least was to change the SA grip shifter to the SA thumb shifter, which also meant I could replace the grips and update the yellow plastics to a new white colour.  I didn't bother replacing the heavy steel wheels as this bike is simply for going out and about to the shops and the stopping power is enough for that.  I also left the paintwork, as although not mint condition, is a very lovely dark green (my favorite colour).  The last change, which also happens to be my favourite, is the addition of a retro looking crate for carrying my shopping.  All in all, a great experience restoring and bringing the bike back to former glory!

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