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It’s Summer Time and the Riding is Easy

Or something like that. This picture reminds me of two of my favorite things, riding my bike and visiting with the mouse (at any of the Disney parks).

A couple of us, who are Administrators for the website, were discussing the home page, including the cover photo and associated write-up. Month after month we try to come up with pictures and descriptions of interesting projects dealing with our favorite mode of human powered transport, the Raleigh Twenty. You guys out there in bicycle land don’t make it easy for us. We are often reduced to waiting until the last minute for input from you and then we have to scramble. We have our Twentys and they’ve been here on the website cover already. We don’t think you want to see them again and again. We need input from you. It can be a Twenty under any of its different head badges; it can be one fully restored to original condition, one that is highly modified, or one somewhere in between the two extremes. It can be a completed project or a work in progress. It doesn’t even have to be yours; it can be one you spotted while you were out and about and thought was interesting enough to catch your attention. Other than a project bike, it could be a write-up of a ride you went on and had a good time on or saw interesting landscapes. The important part is that it is a Twenty (of one flavor or another) and you think it worthy of sharing with the rest of us.

If you have a bike and write-up ready or any questions about what is or isn’t good, send a message to the Grumpy Old Squid and I’ll respond.

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Please send me your pictures and write-ups by the 25th of the month so I have something to choose from for the next month and beyond.

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