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This is intended as a warning that as of the first of February this year (February 1, 2019) the website administrators will be withdrawing their support and oversite of this website. The website will not be taken down by us but it will also no longer be maintained by us. The website owner, Martin, has been notified that due to the problems with the website and our inability to deal with the website host to address those problems any further maintenance of the website will be left to him.

It has been a pleasure (most of the time) for us to be the administrators of this website, however…

As of today, new members will be approved automatically for the website unless disapproved by Martin himself.

As everyone should be aware, we have been having significant issues dealing with the website host, WEBS, and the administrators, David in Florida, The Grumpy Old Squid, and 2whls3spds, are contractually not allowed to deal with that host. The host will only deal with the website owner, Martin.

For anyone who wishes to look him up on Facebook, the full name of the website owner is: Martin Christopher Hartley

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The Raleigh Twenty website was originally constructed in 2009 by Martin and operated as a college project. He has long since graduated, moving on to other things and gradually leaving this website in the hands of the administrators. While we administrators have been happy to continue the operations of the website, to the best of our abilities, those operations have deteriorated because the website host has (to the best of our knowledge) failed to keep its operating code current and compatible with the varying and newer web browsers, for PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. Those last two have been growing more and more in prominence and preference. The computer coding that is required for them is different from that required for the first two. Additionally, other characteristics of the host have hurt our website and made normal operations anything but what is expected as normal. Posting new topics in the FORUMS or pictures in the GALLERY has become next to impossible. Posting updates or responses to FORUM postings is also problematic with the website sometimes requiring satisfactory responses to a Captcha and even then many times having your posting not accepted. Please be aware, the website administrators are experiencing these same problems, and then some. It is because of all this that we administrators are withdrawing our support for the operation of this website.

It is highly recommended that if there are any postings anywhere on this website that you have a significant interest in (HISTORY, TECHNICAL DATA, LINKS, FORUMS, ARTICLES, or anything else) that you copy them to your own files off of the website. There are no guarantees that this website will continue to be available after the first of February. Again, the website will not be taken down by the administrators but it will also no longer be maintained by us. The decision to continue the website or take it down or even just abandon it will rest with the website owner, Martin.

Thank you all for your past interest and participation in this website, we hope you found it both interesting and useful.

The Website Administrators, David in Florida, The Grumpy Old Squid, and 2whls3spds.