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Gallery Highlights

With over 400 folders in the gallery, it takes a long time to go through and find inspiration from members' Twenties. So, I've put together a page (hopefully soon a series of pages) with some of the highlights of the gallery for your perusal:


Sixty-Fiver's Phillips 20. Lots of mods. Derailleur gears, drop handlebars, carry racks for panniers, and by all accounts a brilliant little commuter and tourer.

Freewheeler's modified Raleigh Twenty. 5-sped Sturmey-Archer hub, cotterless crankset with Shimano Biopace chainring. What is impressive, is that the original rear rack is being used. A nice little tourer this one!

Pedler's 3-wheeler - a Tricycle Twenty! I have never seen any other tricycle modifications, but if you can find a good kit, it might be worth trying.