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Not exactly a great blogger, am I...

Posted by Raleigh Twenty on August 23, 2015 at 6:45 AM

I must admit that I'm a pretty lousey blogger. Perhaps it is just becaue I'm not convinced that I have anything interesting to say.

So, what has happened in the 3.5 years since the last blog post? Well, I moved out of home, moved back in, got a car, crashed a car, sent car to the wreckers, learned to speak Latin (not kidding!) built a couple of bicycles, had one bicycle stolen from me (grrr!!!) and put a new set of handlebars and tyres onto my folding Raleigh Twenty. I spent some time at college, a student share house, built some model trains, pratically forgot that I had a website, discovered that I'm a tenor and got a choir scholarship, etc.

I'll be honest and say that I have not done a heck of a lot of cycling in those three years. Ironically, it was because I lived a half-mile from college and a mile from a transitway bus-stop with a 15-minute bus ride into the local CBD. Not much call for cycling when you live so close to everything!

Now I'm living back in the family home, I'm not far from some great local bike paths, and my sister has taken up an interest in cycling. I couldn't convince her to try the Raleigh Twenty though, so I went out and got her a regular big-wheel city bicycle. She's 5'2" tall, and the saddle is all the way down and the bars are all the way up for her to fit onto the darned thing!

I might blog some more in future, but I've been fairly happy letting the forum take care of itself for the most part. I'm not the sort of person who grabs the banner and leads a parade. I'm usually quite happy to take it a little slower and easier than most people. Stop and smell the roses, sing a few songs and enjoy what creation has to show me.

That said, I exhort you, keep on peddaling!

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