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Max Cady
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Hello, I have recently finished restoring a couple of early 70s Malvern Star Dragstars and have really got the old bike bug.

My wife has a 50s BSA Bantam motorbike.  When a BSA twenty came up on the interweb I bought it for her. After picking it up I fell in love

with it and decided to keep it for myself. Fortunately only a week later another one popped up and now we have two. Hers has the bag and basket and will remain original. It's a 1976 build.

Mine is a 74 and is in the process of being modded. I have fitted a longer seat post and wider handlebars, bought a couple of Tioga Powerblock tires and the Ankle Biter rims are on the way from a seller in Luton UK. Couldn't find any down here. 

We are both rapt to have these iconic little bikes and really impressed with the build quality and finish. The forum is a wealth of information and areal help for new owners. Go the Twenty!


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Max Cady
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Sorry about only one picture. Will try to put both in the gallery.


"I don't want to be a member of any club that would accept me as a member" - Groucho Marx

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Ikara Oz
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G'Day Max Cady

A few years back, a BSA in burnt orange like your's without the bag, turned up on the nature strip in Hastings as a frame only which l built up into a runner from TWENTY bits l had....then an identical BSA in great nick came my way through a swap of two RSW M11. 

I have since 'borrowed' the front rack to put on the 'Elvis Presley Cadilac Pink' TWENTY for my partner Heike.

Good luck with the rides....

Cheerios Amigos


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Did BSAs come with the Heron chainring or their own non-bird design? 

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