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My first bike was a second hand Kingpin which I got in the mid/late seventies. I don't have any pics of it to hand but I think it was burgundy and I remember it having the Kingpin logo with the crowns above the letter i's - maybe that helps to date it.


That bike met a sticky end in the early eighties. It was treated very roughly and the frame ended up snapping right through when I was attempting a jump on it.


Ever since I saw a Kingpin for the first time in years at Eroica Britannia in June I've been thinking about getting on again. And now I have - not sure if it is nostalgia or guilt at having destroyed my previous one.


I believe it's a 1976 model Kingpin. Like my original bike it is not a folder. Seems in pretty good condition with some of the shiny bits looking very good for their age. As far as I can tell all of the parts are original. The frame is brown and the condition of the paint is not that great. I'll see what happens when I try to clean it up but might end up repainting it.


Hope to pick up some tips on how to look after it from this site.



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Welcome Jockser, hope you'll post some photos in the gallery of your new (old) bike. This is a great site to help you along with any info on repairs and such.  Plus, there are quite a few Kingpin enthusiasts that can share answers to model specific questions.  If your bike has the typical Sturmey 3 speed of the era, you can usually get a good starting point of when your bike was manufactured by the date on the hub.  Cheers and keep us posted on your progress... Enjoy the journey!

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Taken me a while but I've now posted pics of my Kingpin in the gallery.

Still thinking about what to do with it. Been spending time on my 1981 Raleigh Europa recently but that is now sorted.

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Hi.  Im from Scotland too.  Ive had Kingpins in the past.  But only really as doner bikes. 

I had a Raleigh Europa.  I got it from the dump.  Last bike I got from there before they got all official and wont let bikes out. 

It was rough.  So got alloys from an early 90s Raliegh hybrid, from scrappies.  A set of foam tubing stuff, for the bars, from poundshop.  A nos front mech, as it was siezed and a special type. 

Sold it on tho, last year.  £15, think I made a couple quid profit.  Will post the pic I took of it, in my Alecs Random Ralieghs

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