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Hello, people, and greetings from Adelaide, South Australia. When I figure out picture filesizes and resolutions I'll regale you with some boring detail about my just-finished project bike, a '75 (hub)-dated Twenty which started out as a $50 Gumtree acquisition, intended to give me something I could chuck in the Kombi and ride around. As you'll see, the project got (a little bit) out of control - but I love the result.

I'd been on the lookout for one of these since I first hit up Sheldon Brown's site almost 20 years ago while doing my first bike build - a balloon-tyre cruiser built around a Sturmey AG hub, which marked the start of my spiral into the intricacies of Dynohubs and related stuff. I still love the old cruiser, but I'm getting more of a small-wheel rush just lately.

Briefly, the main modifications have been: Original steel 451s flicked for a pair of Velocity Aeroheat 406s; folding pedals and handlebars, in line with the original objective of making it package more compactly, and braking upgraded from appalling to pretty good courtesy of some Dia-Compe MX-1000 alloy calipers. And new paint and stickers for the sheer hell of it.

This thing is every bit as much fun as I'd hoped, and I have a new appreciation of how much they got right fifty years ago - and of the attitude of the people who like them. You're my kind of gang - it's nice to be here.


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Welcome! Smallish group here, but looking forward to the pictures. I have a whole herd of mostly british bikes, the bulk have some form of IGH, usualy S-A. I also have multiple dynohubs.


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