Kingpin refurb Kingpin refurb The project begins 30 Nov 2013 Kingpin as delivered (22.51 from ebay). The bell works! 187161687 Progress 1 Stripdown complete. Four cleaning stages on the frame: MucOff, Brasso, T-Cut, and Simoniz. Bottom bracket stripped and regreased. Old wheels dismantled, with the hubs and spokes re-used in the new rims. Front hub stripped and regreased. Old 16T sprocket replaced with 13T. The new wheels are assembled but not tensioned yet. 187457284 Wheel truing My makeshift wheel-truing jig 187488508 Frame badges The SA hub is stamped '75' and '9', The seat tube 'Dawes' badge includes the Olympic rings (for the 1976 Olympics). The shop sticker is just readable and has 'H.J. Gifford Ltd'. A quick internet search led me to Basing Cycles Ltd in Basingstoke. Does this mean anything to anyone? 187594566 Frame number This is located on the left rear drop-out plate and reads AB2056. 187594567 Eenie, meenie, miney, mo Choice of currently unattached pedals... 187793041 Progress 2 Nearly finished (bar the snagging) after spendfest2. Waiting for a seatpost shim. And the old brake cable-housings are now too short. 187950543 Progress 2.2 After a bit more tweaking. 187978867 Progress 2.3 New brake cables fitted. I re-routed the rear brake as top pull instead of down pull to take the cable away from the chain line. 188119611 Shakedown Ride (1) The valley road climbs 200 feet in 3 miles. Managed it in the 76 inch middle gear. 188378075 Shakedown Ride (2) After 9 miles the bike feels great so I extend the trip... 188378076 Shakedown (3) include a Cat 5, climbing 150 feet in 1 mile, just doable in the 57 inch first gear. Giving thanks at the summit... Total trip 15 miles with 477 feet of climb. 188378074 Project Complete Well overdue! But it has been difficult getting a nice day for a completion photo. Very happy with the finished bike. 190472402