My Other Small Wheels My Other Small Wheels Purple Kingpin 199660586 RSW 16 Exeter, Devon 75965534 Dawes Kingpin 111990904 1963 Moulton Early example. On the canal at Bradford on Avon 111990906 Hercules U-frame folder Successor to the Twenty range. Frame possibly made in Italy, ?by Graziella. Some Raleigh UK parts, so possibly assembled in UK. Despite initial scepticism, I find it rides very well. 113070038 Trusty Spacemaster Another variation on the theme! The Trusty Manufacturing Co. was based at Potters Bar, North London. In the 1970s, they acquired the better known Viscount Cycles, and used this name on later products. Later versions had a conventional rear triangle. A folder and 16 inch wheeled version are also known (see elsewhere in this album). The company later became part of Yamaha. 113070040 Rayleigh Stowaways Since there has been some discussion of the 'Rayleigh' Universal folder in the forums recently, here are my two examples. On the right is a 1979 version, which I have owned for many years (tatty paintwork, but fully functional). On the left is a late model (?2002-3), which I recently found dumped locally (excellent paintwork, but all else needs attention). For some reason, the hinge and adjustment levers have been removed (?sawn off), which makes it somewhat impractical as a 'Stowaway'! Made in Poland by ROMET. 175736515 Elswick Folder Czech-made folder. Well equipped. Meldon, Dartmoor, Devon. 188183533 Dawes Kingpin (1972) Crown Kingpin Exe Estuary Trail, Devon. 172786138 Red RSW 199672039 Raleigh Compact 199672040 Elswick Windsor 199672041 Lygie Italian made U-frame folder 199672042 Halfords Folder Seen on my travels 199672043 Vindec type shopper Brown Brothers of London produced cycles which were sold under their own brand name, Vindec, but were also bought-in by other manufacturers and cycle dealers. Hence, this design can appear in a variety of guises. Seen on my travels. 199672044 Velo-Marche ? Modern R20 Clone. Seen in Hastings, Sussex, July2015. 199280239 Viscount (Trusty) Spacemaster Folder Seen on my travels. See 'Trusty Spacemaster' in this album. 199675225 Trusty Spacemaster Folder 16 inch wheel version. See 'Trusty Spacemaster' in this album. (Also Bickerton and part of RSW16 MK 3) Science Museum Transport Collection, Wroughton, 2002. 199675389 Bickerton 199675390 Universal Folder Made in Poland, by Romet. Imported into the UK by Universal Cycles. Also known as Unisport, Stow Away3, or the mythical 'Raleigh Universal'. Other brand names may exist. 199675572 Puch Pic-Nic Seen on my travels. 199675573 Wayfarer Folder ?Halfords Seen in Kent. 199679067 1926 Tri-ang Fairy Cycle Seen at a local vintage rally. 201680780 Dawes Kingpin 201921098 Puch Promenade Seen at Launceston Vintage Rally, Cornwall. 201929720 Pannonia Mayfair Seen at Launceston Vintage Rally, Cornwall. 201929721 U-frame Folder Seems very similar to Raleigh Safari / Hercules Compact and Cinzia. Boconnoc Steam Fair, Cornwall. 30 Jully 2016 202322071 Hercules Compact 202474265 Cinzia U-frame folder 202996569 Capital U-frame folder 202996570 Barbican U-frame folder 1980s Italian made folder, sold by Barbican Cycles, Peterborough. Rescued from local recycling centre for princely sum of 7.50. Rideable, apart from seized brake cables. 203849699 Barbican U-frame folder 1980s Italian made folder, imported by Barbican Cycles, Peterborough. Rescued from local recycling centre for princely sum of 7.50. Back on the road after clean-up and new tyres etc. 203849700 Wayfarer Folder Sold by Halfords. Probably made in Italy. 203942096 Dawes Newpin Originally basic single-speed version of Kingpin. Restored as 3-speed with alloy rims. 203958688 Moulton APB 204095173 Viceroy Folder Cinzia-type U-frame. Branded as Viceroy Cycles, Poole, UK. 204330521 Cinzia and Hercules 204330522 Wayfarer on Tour On the King Harry Ferry, crossing the River Fal, Cornwall UK. 204409931 Wayfarer on Tour At the remains of the Cornwall Arsenic Refinery, Point Mills, Cornwall UK. The refinery operated for a century, until WW2. 'The arsenic refined was famed for its high quality throughout Europe and beyond' 204409932 Elswick Folder East Devon 204806881 Phillips Folda 205681178 Kingpin at Exmouth First outing for my Kingpin this year, on a trip along the eastern side of the Exe Estuary Trail 205867803