Work In Progress.. Work In Progress.. 1971 Newpin 1st stage cleaning on a folding Newpin with lovely chrome front rack. Some speckled rust patina on the frame. Chrome pretty good all round including pitted but not too shabby earlier 451 rims Will just give it a clear coat to preserve what's left of the original paint and decals. Couldn't pass it up for 20... 204274791 One for the patina fans.. rust stabilised ( hopefully..) with Loctite 7503... turns the brown stuff black. 204274792 Just about visible decal 204274793 204274794 Older type varnish fix ( or possibly waterslide ?)Olympic decal.. another one for the Halford's lacquer.. 204274795 Jan 75 Kingpin Making the most of the weather.. 2nd coat of lacquer after some minor rust treatment and touch up paint... Added some red to the 'i' to liven up the dark green a bit.. 204311170 Refinished Mudguards.. Polaris Grey thought I'd try a two tone look.. 204677931 saved the supplier's decal.. BN Bragg Gillingham 204677936