Paul's 10-speed '72 Stow-Away Paul's 10-speed '72 Stow-Away High-performance folder This was built for a friend. He's used to very nice quality custom road bikes, and wanted something with good performance that could easily be stowed in the boot (trunk) of his car - and taken on trains and buses. A decent range of gearing was requested, as well as achieving his correct riding position exactly. We also decided that retaining as much original finish as possible would make the bike more interesting, and would retain it's character and identity. The frame is from '72, but the fork is the later (post-'78) type - also in original Space Blue finish. The advantage of the later fork is more slender blades - and proper mudguard eyelets. The fork offset has been reduced by 15 mm to increase trail and therefore improve steering stability. 204335850 Drive train Many of the parts for this build were obtained second-hand, but that would have been a false economy with the drive components - and would have been impossible with the wheels. Wheels are Shimano RS400 cassette hubs built with stainless spokes onto Ukai double-wall narrow 451 rims. Rear mech, cassette and chain are new. The 12-28T cassette, in combination with a 53T chain ring, gives gears of 39 to 90 gear inches. 204335851 Shimano 105 10-speed To achieve efficient cable routing, with no ugly band-clips or zip ties, I've brazed cable stops under the RH chain stay. The gears shift perfectly, and cabling isn't stressed by folding the bike. 204335852 Efficient brakes This bike will be used at speed in traffic, so good brakes are essential. Tektro's R559 are the best performing brakes with the necessary depth. The front one will fit without modifications, but the rear requires more depth. To solve this problem, I've flattened out the brake-bridge plate. A new brake hole has been drilled 12 mm below the original one, and a thick aluminium plate has been added to provide reinforcement and reduce flex. To keep the brake cable run tidy, and to avoid using bands or zip ties (which I hate!), I've added a threaded hole to the seat tube, for a cable clip cut from aluminium sheet and bent to fit. 204335853 Bar-end shifter Rear mech is controlled by a Shimano Dura-Ace 10-sp. bar-end shifter. This makes for a very long cable run. I thought I might have to use a tandem inner cable, but a standard one was just long enough. Additional "cross-top" brake levers allow braking from the tops of the bars - great in traffic. 204335854 Aheadset conversion My twelfth Raleigh Aheadset conversion has worked out perfectly. This time it's an M.Part headset. These are really good, as they're very well made, cheap, and include the rare 27 mm crown race that's necessary for Raleigh forks. The original (and rather rusty!) headset top nut is used as a bearing pre-load tensioner. The clamp is an "old school" BMX 1" seat clamp. The clamp locks the headset and secures the stem at the same time. The stem's vertical shaft started life as a steel MTB handlebar. Being 7/8" and one end and !" at the other, half an old handlebar makes a perfect adaptor for using modern Aheadset clamp-on stems with a Raleigh Twenty. 204335855 Frame butchery! The only way to fit a modern multi-speed cassette hub is to spread the rear of the frame from its original 113 mm to 130 mm. The inside of the seat stay has to be scalloped away for chain clearance. The lower part of the stay must be flush with the inner surface of the drop out. A portion of the tube has been removed with an angle grinder. The resulting void has been filled and reinforced by brazing in a 3 mm thick piece of steel plate. The flatted part of the stay is therefore effectively solid - and stronger than it was to start with. 204335856 Space Blue Who remembers the Spectrum Patrol Vehicle from Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet? We tried to retain as much of the original "Space Blue" (also used on the RSW, Chopper, Arena, Grifter, and many other popular Raleigh bikes) finish as possible. Areas of original paint lost through modifying the frame have been blown in using a colour-matched aerosol. The match isn't perfect but, as the new paint wears, it should blend in with time. 204335857