John Allen's modifications John Allen's modifications Front fork The stock Twenty fork was modified by framebuilder Peter Mooney with fender eyelets and cantilever bosses. Dropouts were spread apart and fork rake was decreased. 204381450 Mafac brake lever The cable is run from top to bottom so the handlebars and stem can easily be removed for transport. An aero brake hood (the type for brake only, not integrated brake/shifter assembly) can be used. 204381451 Aheadset top assembly A 1" Aheadset top assembly can be installed without any modification to fork or frame, using the Twenty's two locknuts to adjust bearing load. 204381452 Rear rack Tektro dual-pivot brake on Sheldon Brown-style drop bolt made from two pieces of 1/8" (3 mm) aluminum; sturdy rack stays made from old bicycle steastay material. 204381454 Taillight and reflector The taillight is from a Union generator system -- LED screw-in bulbs are available. 3' (75mm) round, amber automotive retroreflector. 204381455 Phil Wood BB Phil BBs are available with 26 TPI mounting rings. Choose length carefully, as the long version meant for a 73mm BB shell may no longer be available. Newer Phil BBs with aluminum shell are a tight fit. It is often necessary to grind away welding flash inside the Twenty's BB shell. 204381683 Inverted rear brake cable This unusual cable termination is needed with the Textro brake, as the adjuster threading is integral 204381684 Drop bars inverted and chopped This installation offers several hand positions. There is little flex, with the short stem. Both shifters for a Sturmey-Archer S5 five-speed hub are mounted on the same end of the handlebar, so shifting ispossible while braking with both hands on the handlebars. I shortened the handlebars so they don't bruise my wrists when I'm riding on the drops. 204381685