This is what the wheels were for... This is what the wheels were for... 1974 Shopper I've been having problems with my back - which is the perfect excuse to build another Twenty! How about one with higher bars? That should relieve stress on my herniated discs. I've done all the usual tweeks - just with a riser bar instead of drops or bullhorns. 205063060 Fixed wheel Not a fixie, not fixed gear; those are recent American terms. This is a fixed wheel bike in the English tradition. 205063050 Big ring That's a monster 55T chainring from the first generation Shimano Dura-Ace groupset of about 1975. I love the look of those old Shimano rings, and they match the FRM cranks nicely. Those run on a 103mm FRM titanium BB. Pedals are also a favourite - Shimano's A515, which have been obsolete for over fifteen years. Luckily, good pairs still turn up regularly on eBay. 205063051 Palk Strut bottom I won't ride without one of these, and each time I make one it's different. This is fabricated from scrap pieces of 3mm steel plate, and a bit of light gauge steel tube that used to be part of a clothes drying rack! 205063052 Palk Strut top The seat tube extender is made from a piece of Reynolds 531 steel cut from the seat tube of a scrap road frame. I've brazed on a tag for attaching the strut. 205063053 One man in the name of love... A "Bono" stem, shaped like a bone. Those cheeky Italian chaps at 3T obviously have a sense of humour. 205063054 Push me, pull you Crosstop levers are small and neat. They push the outer cable rather than pulling the inner. One of the magical properties of the Bowden cable system is that the reaction at the caliper end is identical. That baffles me. 205063055 Vintage stopper Another Shimano Tourney 72S from the 1980s. I like these because they're light and simple. I've replaced the cable-pinch nut with an a/k one from a V-brake pad. Pads and shoes have been changed to Shimano Dura-Ace. These old brakes are a bit flexy, but they're never worked hard on a fixed wheel bike. 205063056 Shopper I did actually do some shopping on it today! The patina is good on this one. It's gone matt, and the colour has darkened unevenly. I've touched up the missing parts of the varnish-fix transfers, and then heavily waxed it for protection. The slow decay that caused the patina had been halted. It should still look exactly like this in another forty four years' time. 205063057 A-headset conversion As with all my R20s, this one has been converted to A-headset. Why? Because the steering is much better with proper bearings top and bottom. Fitting an A-headset, in conjunction with reducing the fork offset, transforms handling. To relieve my back, I rode for several miles no-handed on my outing today. that would have been impossible if the original headset had still been in place. 205063058 Build breakdown Mitas Speedo LT 28-451 tyres. Jalco rims. DT stainless spokes. Ambrosio 36H track hubs. Surly 17T fixed sprocket. KMC 510S chain with a half link and a Wippermann split link added. FRM 103mm Ti BB. FRM Cu2 Evolution CNC cranks. Shimano PD-A515 pedals. Shimano Tourney 72S brake caliper with Dura-Ace shoes and pads. Tektro crosstop lever. Outland riser bars. Cut down Kamashima Kierin Grip. Selle Italia Filante saddle. PRO LT 350mm post. 3T Bono stem. FRM A-Set headset. Shimano Dura-Ace 55T chain ring. 205063059