Some Assembly Required Some Assembly Required Maybe not a basket, but a plastic bin! I had already removed the rotted tires when i took this picture 205330093 Just a little "patina" Everything was covered with surface rust, but solid under it all 205330094 Rusty EVERYWHERE But it cleaned up 205330095 Even the rims were rusted Notice the red stripe sidewalls 205330096 Fenders, too! Add a few dings to the rusty surface to complete the indignity 205330097 One piece handlebar This required the most derusting (is that a word?) 205330108 Almost done! I decided to leave some of the surface rust and not paint the frame. This is mostly due to my lack of painting skills. Fenders were still being worked on at that time. 205330099 The rest of the fleet Old Rusty joining my other two Twentys. 205330098 The finished product The fenders were the last to go on. I did paint the front fender since banging out the dents left it a little sore looking. Yes, those are BMX handgrips. Only missing the rack. 205330100