Various Items Various Items Late Raleigh Shopper Interesting colour, possibly "champagne". Bike spotted on ebay. 205584794 Rear wheel. Check rear mudguard and rack detail. 205585470 Blue Frame with White Mudguards Seen on ebay 205585471 Triumph Trendsetter Interesting details: Mudguard trim, chainguard and brackets, decals, number of spokes in front wheel... 205585561 Trendsetter Decal FlowerPower! 205585562 Supercycle Twenty Picture of Canadian Tire variant. Seen on web... 205585756 Vindec Mini Vogue Seen on ebay 205635803 Raleigh Eighteen Seen on ebay: 205635802 Vindec Super Vogue Spotted on ebay. 205642429 Vindec Folder Spotted on ebay 205642448 Vindec Vogue 20 Around 1968. Not seen many of these. 205643791 BMX Tyre 20 x 1.95 205590655 BMX Tyre Clearance Wheel offered up to later/wider forks as a comparison. The gap is now greater than 6mm each side and looks acceptable. If the forks were spread (to 100mm OLN), this gap would increase slightly. 205591880 BMX Tyre Clearance Front Wheel Triumph Twenty now with 406 wheels. I am going to see how this works... not sure that it is a good idea. Clearance is the same both sides (2-3mm), I had to file the dropouts slightly to achieve this. I have some 451 wheels waiting to be built, just wanted to get her rolling, in the meantime. The brake has been "dropped". 205590658 Newpin, and three R20 forks. UK source. Thought I'd make a little comparison. Blue: 1960's Newpin. Green: 1970 R20. Maroon: 1980's R20. Red: R20 with reduced rake (more than - 15mm). All steerer lengths are the same +/- 1mm. Two have been cold set to 100mm OLN. Note that the later (maroon) R20 fork is wider at the crown by almost 10mm. I haven't used the red fork (yet) as I overcooked it on the press a little, making the brakes a reach too far. Interesting to note that the old Dawes fork has lugged fork ends, I wonder if this is general? Also worth noting that the rake of the Dawes fork is the largest. Fork Rake for the two standard R20 forks was measured at 55mm, and the modified red item was 37mm. 205590659 Latest fork acquisition 205632865 20 x 1.95 tyre clearance. 406 wheel. Interested to see what brakes work with the fork insert/dropper, might try a Weinmann centre pull to be different. Fork cold set to 100mm OLD. 205632910 Dutch Sparta 8-80 Seen on FB Marketplace. 205700782 Phillips Fiesta Seen on ebay 205722337