My Bikes - an assortment My Bikes - an assortment Raleigh Twenty Alpha 1980 Recycling centre 10. Serviced, and stripped of 'guards. Rims and other chrome rusty, paintwork poor, lots of spidery rust tracks under surface, tyres perished, nothing major though. 205591941 Raleigh Twenty Alpha as a runabout. I believe this is the same location as the Sept 2010 Cover (link below, cut and paste to follow). Apologies for functional but terrible paint job, I've even painted the rims. Built to be more functional than pretty, more of a mule than a shopper! 205591942 Raleigh Twenty Alpha as a commuter. Latest incarnation, pic today on the way home. This bike is now my daily ride, about 7 miles each way along our seafront. Loads of salt air, wind, rain and sun and that's just today. Note re-attachment of mudguards, but not chainguard. This bike is very grubby, but tough as old boots! 205591943 Edwardes 500 as purchased Vindec Vogue clone. Purchased Jan 2018 for 20, ebay. This pic is from the listing. I bought this as it was similar to my first bike, which was a basic single speed model, without rack or dynamo. I think mine came from a mail order catalogue. It was stolen in around 2008, due to my carelessness. 205643839 Edwardes 500 Serviced, new tyres, saddle seatpost, etc. Note relaxed frame angles., saddle almost directly over back wheel. 205644515 Kingpins as purchased Paid 25 for these two in 2018. 205643871 New camping bike. Triumph Twenty 1878. As purchased, Feb 2019, FB Marketplace 25. 205590651 Triumph Folder Cleaned, serviced and now working well. Not finished yet, but I like the simplicity as it is. Expected changes are: better saddle, seat post, bottom bracket (cottered cartridge item), pedals, brakes and levers. Ultimately I expect to fit better wheels in 451 size. 205632941 Nearly Complete Not sure whether to clearcoat the frame, but it does need waxing. I might paint the front forks in a contrasting colour, instead of the mis-matched blue, possibly red to match rear wheel, or black. Ground clearance is fine with the fat tyres, 165mm cranks and quill type pedals. I might fit a second centre pull brake to the rear as my big feet clip the side pull item. The saddle stays for the time being, heavy but comfy. The pedals are demountable and will get strapless toeclips. I may attempt to commute by train occasionally on this machine. 205635709 New Multi-Speed BSA Twenty 1970. As purchased (front wheel included, not shown) Jan 2019, ebay, 4.20. 205590654 7-speed BSA Twenty Not finished. Needs the brake bridge re-attaching, etc. 205646161