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Cover Photos 2009-2010

Starting the website in 2009 I faced many challenges. One being that I didn't have a digital camera! I was fortunate to discover that people were keen to email me their pictures for cover photos, so we've almost always had a new photo on the front page of the website every month. Now that the website has been going for nearly 6 years (as of 2015) I started to get all nostalgic and started browsing the galleries for these pictures. With over 400 gallery folders on the site it became hard to navigate through everything, so in addition to the new pages of "Gallery Highlights" (perhaps I should just call it "Marty's Picks") I decided that we should be able to see all of the previous cover photos without needing to navigate through the galleries. So, I hope that you will enjoy the trip down memory lane with me!

Martin, 2015

November 2009

From Trevor Shone, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

December 2009

From Chris Hvid, Victoria, BC, Canada.

January 2010

From Erik Krosnicki

February 2010
From Ulster, UK.

March 2010

A Twenty in the snow.

April 2010

Out and about for the first time in a long time.

May 2010

A trio of Twenties!

June 2010

A project nearing completion.

July 2010

Twenties at the Sydney Tweed Ride, 2010
L-R: Raleigh Twenty (brown), BSA Twenty (orange) and Hercules Hunter (blue)

(Your webmaster in the bow-tie.)

A week later I was wearing the same outfit for the Canberra Tweed Ride!

August 2010

One of the first of what would become many appearances of "Forrest" the Phillips Twenty.

September 2010

Twenty at the seaside.

October - November A

I cannot quite remember what happened here. Perhaps I forgot to put up a new cover photo one month, so I put up two photos at the same time for the months of October to November. I did like the slightly psychedelic background.

October - November B

If memory serves me, I displayed this and the previous picture together as a "town and country" theme. The previous is the town picture and this is the country picture.

December 2010

I really, really like the artistry of this picture.