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Cover Photos 2011-2012

During 2011 it was hard to get pictures suitable for the website cover photo, but I did try to ensure that there were new pictures at regular intervals.

January 2011

This one was finished on January 1st, so it was fitting to be our first cover photo for 2011.

February-March 2011

The first time that we featured a New-Zealand built Raleigh Twenty on the front page.

April-June 2011

Modified with a double chain-ring, drop bars and new mudguards.

July 2011

Perhaps a case of "Twenty-mania."

August-November 2011

The first Dawes Kingpin to feature on the cover page.

December 2011

Site member "Jelly" found this1975 Twenty in the garage of his new home when he moved in.

January 2012

Fixed gear Twenty in the snow. 52/15 - about 72 gear inches, give or take.

February 2012

Magnusw's Raleigh Twenty by the peace. A nice contrast to January's wintery theme.

March 2012

Sixty-Fiver's Green Twenty.

April 2012

This one is such a nice picture, I decided that it was worth having on the cover page again.

May 2012

This is Dave (UK)'s awesome modded Twenty.

June 2012

This is Roy of Ontario's Twenty near the entrance of the Waterfront Trail at Lake Ontario.

July 2012

"Forrest" by Sixty-Fiver. Lots of mods since it first appeared on the site cover.

August 2012

This Twenty belongs to babyg_wc of London.

September 2012

Wooden shoe biker's Fixed Gear Raleigh Twenty with 451 Alloy rims. 28 pounds as Fixed gear with 14 tooth cog and 46 tooth Chainwheel. Gear works out somewhere in the high 60's - maybe about 66 gear inches.

October 2012

A fully restored 1976 Stowaway in a local parkland in Essex UK last autumn. Dave (UK) bought for his wife at a Car boot sale. It was badly rusted and seized up and cost him £15.00 (24USD). He replaced the unusable parts with those he had retained from a previous Stow-Away customisation project. The gel seat cover hides a stock Brooks white saddle.

November 2012

Grumpy old Squid's customised 1969 Raleigh Twenty.

December 2012

Lolita's Twenty "Back To Life" by her boy-friend.