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Light the way! Light rigs for your Twenty (or other bicycles)

Sooner or later every cyclist comes across a time when they may want (or need) to ride in the dim light of the evening, or even through the night. During the summers I often take longer rides at night on the various cycleways around Sydney. It is usually quite pleasantly cool, and there are not many people using the cycleways at night. However, these paths are largely unlit and a good light rig is essential!

I've tried various types of bicycle lights over the past several years, ranging from little battery-powered "blinky lights" to ones powered by bottle dynamos. Recent times have been a real boon for cyclists with LED and battery technologies making lights useful, practical, inexpensive and accessible. I'll share my own experiments and experiences with lights in due course, as this page is under construction (light most other pages) but for now, here are some examples of what you can do to light up the way on your bicycle.

These are original lights that have been retrofitted with batteries, solving the old generator-light problems of varying brightness and going off once you are stationary. The original bulbs are in use, although the good fellow responsible for this lighting job may be looking into the possibility of replacement LED bulbs.

(Above) A closer look at the rig. The batteries are wired up to the original switch, the external appearance of the light set is unchanged.

(Left) The batteries operate both the head and tail lights via a cable.

This is an excellent option if you light to keep the vintage aesthetic of your bicycle, and why not?

more to follow soon!